Rodshir Dailë Studio® is an Modern Arts + Ideas, Co. and multidisciplinary design agency based in Paris, France + New York City. 

Rodshir Dailë's work focuses on the aesthetics based on Monochromtism. Which means the total inability to perceive color, being able to perceive black, white and shades of grey. 

Rodshir Dailë Studio® specializes in:

Fashion, Photography, Editorial Design, Conceptual Architecture, Interior + Furniture Design, Sound Design, Visual Arts + Design, Curation + Visual Installation experiences. 

Rodshir Dailë's portfolio spans across a wide-range within the creative field of Fashion Design, Art Consulting, Sound Design, Conceptual Architectural Design + Interior Design, Art/Fashion Photography (ex. Works published by publications such as VOGUE Italia, GQ Mexico, P MagazineSelf-Control Magazine, Off The Rails Magazine) to Visual Graphic Arts for such clients as Jennifer Lopez, and a list of credible clientele. Background in the Fashion Industry includes a multitude of roles for world-renowned companies such as LVMH, BLK DNM, PVH Corp., Fred Segal, Topman and VOGUE's-New York Fashions Night Out. 

The vision is to consistently deliver innovative + advanced modernism techniques to every commercial mediums produced within the studio.

To commission Rodshir Dailë Studio® for your next project please contact us e: [email protected] or fill out the form provided below. A studio representative will respond to all requests accordingly.

Rodshir Dailë Studio® an Modern Arts + Ideas, Co.

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