DAILE GALERIE is a visionary contemporary art collective founded by Rodshir Dailë in Paris, France. With an avant-garde approach to curating, the collective champions immersive exhibitions, art editions, publishing ventures, and philanthropic initiatives. Representing an international cadre of exceptional artists across various mediums, DAILE GALERIE stands as a testament to the power of unbridled creativity.

DAILE GALERIE collaborates and has active partnerships with esteemed art marketplaces including Artspace and Widewalls, to broaden its global footprint and bring unparalleled contemporary art to a wider audience.


Jean-Félix Bourdette   Sam Heydt   Christian Sauerland   Gaia Adducchio   Paul Kuntze   Day Bowman   Lorenzo Swinton

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"DINNER WITH ARTISTS" (DWA) was created to transcend traditional art exhibition formats, by revolutionizing the artistic experience by seamlessly merging visual contemporary art with the culinary arts, inviting guests to not only view but also savor the creative expression.

"DINNER WITH ARTISTS" marks a significant departure from conventional art exhibitions, ushering in a new era of multi-sensory engagement. The program pairs one visual contemporary artist with a culinary artist, orchestrating an innovative convergence of aesthetics and flavors. By uniting these two distinctive forms of artistic craftsmanship, DWA offers an unprecedented opportunity for attendees to indulge their senses and immerse themselves in a symphony of creativity.

Guests can secure their place via RSVP, and are poised to embark on an extraordinary journey where artistic mastery meets gastronomic ingenuity. The curated experience transcends the boundaries of the visual and culinary arts, inviting attendees to explore the interplay between colors, textures, shapes, and tastes in a truly unforgettable manner.

In line with DAILE GALERIE's commitment to fostering intimate and transformative encounters with art, "DINNER WITH ARTISTS" features limited seating. This ensuring an exclusive and personalized engagement with the artists and their creations.

Rodshir Dailë, the visionary founder of DAILE GALERIE, shared his enthusiasm for the program, stating, "With 'DINNER WITH ARTISTS,' we aim to redefine the very essence of art encounters. This innovative fusion of visual and culinary artistry invites participants to partake in an immersive experience that tantalizes both the eyes and the palate."

As "DINNER WITH ARTISTS" becomes an integral part of the contemporary art landscape, DAILE GALERIE invites art enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and epicureans alike to partake in this extraordinary sensory exploration. Through this pioneering initiative, the collective continues to challenge conventional boundaries and create a platform where creativity knows no limits.

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