Rodshir Dailë is an interdisciplinary visual artist and founder of Rodshir Dailë Studio®. His multidisciplinary practice merges new contemporary fine arts with moving and still imagery (photography/cinematography), two-dimensional works, luxury fashion, installation design, sound design, product design, architecture, furniture design and new media. His work is heavily influenced by surrealism, German minimalism design of the 1960's, curriculum structure of the BAUHAUS, biomimicry and monochromatic color aesthetics.


The Red & Black Portraits (2018-Netherlands)

The Red & Black Portraits, II (2018-Netherlands)

Surreal Life or Something Like It (2018-Paris, France)

How To See An Image In Total Darkness (2022-Berlin, Germany)

Curated Exhibitions

"Blurred Lines: Divided" (2020), Jordan Mason

"New Surrealism" (2021), Various Artists

"Expressionism: Here And There" (2021), Various Artists


Rodshir Dailë Studio® | Founder + Creative Director

Dailë Galerie + Collective | Founder + Director

Maison Rodshir Dailë™ | Founder, Designer + Creative Director


Paris College of Art - Paris, France

Professor, Fashion Film + Photography (MFA/MA Masters Degree Program)  

Professor, Creative + Editorial Photography (BFA/BA Undergraduate Degree Program)





Architizer | Firm Profile

Rodshir Dailë Studio®


BUILD 8th annual Architecture Awards 2022 | Awarded: Most Progressive Product Design & Architecture Firm - France (This award symbolises the hard work and dedication displayed by Rodshir Dailë Studio® compared to others within the Architecture sector.)


Art & The Acquisitive Culture 

Rethinking Art Markets, Exhibitions and Curating

In Discussion | Darren Westell & Rodshir Daile

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